'Teen Mom' Recap: Farrah Made the Right Decision

The season finale of the third season of Teen Mom saw some big changes for the girls who are rapidly becoming women. As Catelynn and Tyler prepared to graduate from high school, Amber dug out from her legal woes, Maci fought with Ryan, and Farrah Abraham proved once and for all that she is a really strong mom capable of making the right choice for her child.

Oddly enough, that decision meant leaving her daughter. It seems crazy, of course. But it really is not. Farrah couldn't care for her. Her parents could. It's simple, really.

In the beginning episodes, Farrah was not the most stellar parent. But she has grown up a lot and now she can recognize a good thing when she sees it. And having her parents' help? Is a really good thing.


To make a good life for Sophia, Farrah needs to get her degree, and lucky for her, her parents are willing to make that much easier for her.

College is the best four years of many people's lives. But with a child Farrah would have missed all the best parts of being on her own. It isn't selfish at all to take that opportunity to actually be her age. It will lead to a happier mommy down the line.

A mom who is too young can become bitter and resentful over all the things she missed. Many former teen moms find themselves acting more like teenagers when they're 35 and the child they had is a teenager because they missed all their teen years.

That will not happen to Farrah. She deserves to live her life, unencumbered by the daily grind of motherhood, and then she can go home and see Sophia when she needs to. It doesn't mean she loves her any less.

She made a great decision for her little family. She should be proud.

It was a very positive note on which to end a season that had its ups and downs. Farrah is a good mom and no one should tell her otherwise.

Do you think Farrah made the right choice?


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