Seth MacFarlane Hosts Comedy Central Roast Not Worthy of Charlie Sheen

seth macfarlane
Seth MacFarlane Roasts Charlie Sheen
I had high hopes for Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen Roast. I mean, talk about material! With Sheen as their target, you'd think it would've been the easiest gig ever for the roasters. Someone may as well have handed them their jokes on a silver platter.

So I was disappointed by what the roast turned out to be: A lackluster lineup of mostly B-list performers cracking occasionally funny but frequently flat jokes about the man of the hour. And were they even friends with Charlie? That was one of the many things bothering me about the super random array of roasters. Granted Charlie has lived a life of much variety and gone off in all sorts of unexpected directions, but Kate Walsh? Jon Lovitz?

I hope there was some connection between Sheen and his roasters, some reason for those awkward appearances besides "Yeah, they were the only ones who would do it."


Which is not to say that every note was a sour one. Slash brought the badass, as usual (he just gets cooler). Though I think Steve O was my favorite performer of the evening.

Steve O didn't resort to kick 'em while he's down digs. He didn't take the condescending stance of "Hey, I'm up here with the functional people and you're down there with the screw-ups, ha ha ha!" Why? Because he's Steve O, dude! He has no choice but to keep it real. As he himself put it:

"Charlie and I have a lot in common. We both love porn, we've each done a ton of drugs, and neither of us are actors. Your nose is like my a**, there's nothing you won't shove up there."

Crazy as ever, Steve O even allowed Mike Tyson to break his nose. Which was less painful to watch than Tyson trying to read "poetry." (Whoever had the idea of forcing the severely brain damaged Tyson to attempt reading on TV is one extremely twisted individual, by the way.)

Sheen, for his part, took the cutting remarks in stride and skillfully played the good-natured scoundrel role throughout.

Which made me wish he'd gotten a decent roasting even more.

What did you think of Comedy Central's Charlie Sheen Roast?


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