'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Taylor's Breakdown Begins

real housewives of beverly hillsWell, they just dove right into the drama in tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The girls were still on their trip to Camille Grammer's (stunning) house in Beaver Creek, Colorado when Taylor started to unravel.

Everything came crashing down for the skinny blonde -- who looked like a strong wind could knock her down. Her actions were a recipe for disaster. She apparently drank too much, the altitude had gotten to her, and the heat from the jacuzzi had messed with her head. In short, she pretty much lost it Kelly Bensimon/Scary Island-style. Except one had to feel bad for her.


It all seemed to sort of come out of nowhere. At the start of the show, she was innocently hanging out with Kyle, and then the next thing you know, she was slurring her words, crying, jumping into bed with Kim, sitting in Kyle's suitcase, and airing all of her dirty laundry. And then there was the makeup bag. The blue makeup bag with red flowers, to be exact.

Taylor somehow misplaced her makeup bag while everyone was getting ready and she freaked out. She was stomping around from room to room, demanding to know where the bag was, saying things like, "I don't have time for this shit" in the process. And it got uncomfortable. And that's when people started to get alarmed.

Lisa and Adrienne tried to reason with her, but she wasn't having it. There was no reasoning with her. Then Adrienne actually said to her face: "You're having a nervous breakdown. Come on, get it together." Nice advice, right? As the night went on, Taylor would sporadically break down into tears, looking like she might dissolve into a puddle of water at any moment while telling everyone she loved Russell. When anyone would ask her a specific question, she would only answer in extreme vagaries, never revealing exactly what was going on. I felt badly for Taylor, but to be honest, the whole thing was really odd, because I never felt like I really knew what was going on.

Ironically, though, Taylor wasn't the only person to fall off the wagon in tonight's episode. Kim, who you may remember has a drinking problem, sounded, well, wasted. She was supposed to be meeting Adrienne and her husband Paul at the airport to take a private jet to go see a Sacramento Kings game. When Adrienne and Paul got there, though, she was nowhere to be found, so they called her. She answered the phone hammered.

At first, she had no idea who Adrienne even was, then she started spewing out crazy talk about how she loves planes and how she was going to put her hair in a ponytail. It was alarming, and Paul noticed. Needless to say, I don't think Kim has fully healed, and I expect to see more of this throughout the season.

It was a strange episode tonight. It felt like so much happened, but nothing at the same time. It seemed like we were bombarded with all of this drama, but weren't given a means to process or talk about it, if that makes any sense. I feel sorry for both women, but mostly I feel bewildered.

What did you think of tonight's episode?


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