Anderson Cooper Is Better Than Oprah (VIDEO)

Reporters often do crazy things. They report from war zones and escape gun fire. They interview serial killers and terrorists and they put their lives on the line pursuing the hottest stories. But Anderson Cooper proves on his new talk show that he isn't only willing to do all of those things (as he did in his career with CNN), but is also willing to be emotionally brave. And for a male journalist, that's no small thing.

Today on his new daytime talk show, Cooper opened up about the loss of his father in 1978 and the loss of his brother Carter in 1988 from suicide. His mother (Gloria Vanderbilt) was his guest and the two of them spoke very intimately with the world about some very personal things.

Cooper cried and was emotional, but as usual he was fearless. See below:


By speaking so openly about topics that are often taboo -- grief, suicide, child loss -- Cooper is helping so many people. He is lifting the veil off private pain and telling so many people that they aren't alone.

The fact is, grief needs to be talked about more. It's a part of the life cycle and yet, much as we herald new life with 50 reality shows on TLC and constant birth stories and magazines and talk shows, we do almost nothing for the opposite. When people die, there is often silence. And yet we all experience it. 

No one will live a full life without losing someone they love at some point and yet we so rarely speak of it.

Cooper has always been an impressive, fairly fearless pursuer of the truth. But so far, his skills have only been in pursuing the truth from others and mostly about news. Now it seems he may go deeper and really start exploring some truths about humanity.

If this is a sign of what's to come on the show, I am a fan. Sign me up. This is the real deal. Look out Oprah. There is a new inspiration in town!

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