Ricki Lake May Be on 'DWTS' for the Wrong Reasons

Ricki Lake first made a name for herself as Tracy Turnblad in John Water's version of Hairspray. At the time, she was markedly overweight, and in subsequent years, her weight has gone up and down and up and down.

There is no doubt obesity is a struggle for the actress, talk show host, and natural birth advocate. And it appears that on Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars, her weight is the one to watch.

Like Kirstie Alley before her, Lake already claims to have lost 8 inches off her size 8 frame. The difference, of course, between Alley and Lake is that Alley had it to lose. Ricki really didn't.

According to Lake:


I'm a little self-conscious of my arms and my back fat, but they're trimming down really quickly. So I think the longer I'm in the competition, the better I'll feel about my body.

The thing is, she has nothing to lose. Unlike Kirstie Alley who was somewhere between a 12 and 20 (we could debate this all day long) when she started with the show, Lake was only a 6 or an 8. Those are pretty average to normal sizes, so there is no weight to lose!

The problem with weight loss is that it can sometimes become an addiction. A little bit earns some praise and, before you know it, you can't get thin enough.

The show is a great show, but no one ever asks the men how much they weigh. It's DWTS, not The Biggest Loser. Sure it's great that Kelly Osbourne and Kirstie Alley and now Lake are all seeing big results, but this show is supposed to be about the movement and the dancing, not the inches lost.

Ricki Lake looked great when she started on this and she will probably look great when she is done. But eight inches in two weeks is dramatic. And sure, everyone could use a little toning, so I will give her that, but let's just hope her next step isn't lying to the public about what size she wears and making it ever smaller and smaller.

We like Ricki Lake just the way she is!

Does the whole "weight loss" aspect of DWTS bother you?

Image via ABC
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