Lady Gaga Reveals Her True Self in Tattoo Session With Kat Von D (VIDEOS)

lady gaga kat von d 2008Any loyal Little Monster knows that before Lady Gaga hit it big with her breakout album, The Fame, she was hangin' out in L.A., penning tracks for other (now incredibly less exciting) stars like New Kids on the Block, The Pussycat Dolls, and Britney Spears. Paying her dues in the industry, you know, kinda like any 22-year-old. One day, Gaga's not-yet-famous life collided with tattoo-artist-turned-reality-TV-show-star Kat Von D's!

It seems Gaga went to Kat to get tattoo work done on her lower back, and the result was this really random "time capsule"-y video that's recently make its premiere on the web. It's pretty awesome to see Gaga just hanging out with Kat. It's definitely an interesting snapshot of a moment in time ... likely only months before "Just Dance" came out. In this moment, the Mother Monster truly was on the edge of glory! But ... she was also just a successful -- and let's be honest, HOT -- 22-year-old with a thing for ink.


Here's the clip in two parts ...

Aww, see how she talks about her "Italian family" back in New York, and how her mom flipped when she got her first tat. If you close your eyes, you could be listening to her Gaga by Gaultier interview! She may have become one of -- if not THE -- most famous pop star in the world right now, and she may be constantly evolving when it comes to fashion and her music, but these videos are PROOF our gal Gaga really hasn't changed much since her early days! And that's just one of the many reasons why we love her. 

Do you think Gaga is still the same as she was at 22 in many ways?

Image via YouTube

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