Beyonce & Gwyneth Paltrow’s New Friendship Kicks Off With ‘Disappointment’

Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow
Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow
Did you get the memo? Gwyneth Paltrow and Beyonce Knowles are, like, totally BFFs these days. In addition to getting one of those broken-in-half heart necklaces where one charm reads "Be Fri" and the other "St Ends" (okay, I'm making that part up), the two gals are inseparable. Okay, I'm making the "inseparable" part up, too, but trust me, these ladies are super tight.

First, there was Gwynnie going to Bey-Bey for singing/performance tips before her big Grammy appearance. Then there was Gwyneth offering Beyonce (unsolicited?) pregnancy advice. And now there's Gwyneth "disappointing" Beyonce by standing the singer up at her London Fashion Week show.

Hey, wait a minute, that last thing wasn't very "Be Fri"-like. Gwyneth, looks like you might have lost your "St Ends."


Apparently, at the London launch of her House of Dereon collection, the "1+1" singer was holding up the entire show in hopes that Queen Gwyneth would make it. In fact, she delayed the start of the show 45 minutes in order to wait for her majesty. But Gwyneth wound up being a no-show.

According to a source: "Beyonce halted the whole thing because she thought Gwyneth was about to arrive. She kept calling her but she didn't show. People couldn't wait any longer and they had to get on with it. Beyonce wasn't angry. She was just disappointed." Oof, "disappointment." That's never a good thing in friendship.

The reason behind Gwyneth's absence is yet to be determined, so I won't judge her too harshly, but I must say, missing a friend's big moment? Not cool, kimosabe. Not cool at all. Especially when said friend helped you get in "Grammy" shape.

And it makes me sort of sad that Beyonce held up her show for that long, because clearly she was excited to show Gwyneth the collection -- and clearly she thought Gwyneth was going to attend. At the very least, Paltrow should have thrown Beyonce a text or something. Not showing up and not calling? Dang. That might be grounds for tossing out one half of a best friend charm.

Do you think Gwyneth was rude to Beyonce?


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