'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Faces His Amber Addiction

Gary Shirley LeahPrep your neck braces Teen Mom fans, the tennis match that is Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley attempting to figure out their relationship is back on. Looks like Gary is dating again, and her name is not Amber! If his Twitter is to be believed, Gary might have finally kicked the Amber addiction.

Well, for now anyway.


Shirley has taken to Twitter several times in the past few days to lash out at Amber and make clear that he's done with a relationship that's made for good TV and given him his adorable little girl Leah, but otherwise done little good for either party. Said Gary over the weekend:

I'm completely through w amber No more back n fourth shit. I got my precious baby u got your precious anderson men hope your sins r worth it

I hope he means it.

Really. He's done some stupid things (blowing mondo cash on strippers comes to mind Gary ol' boy). But he's a young guy with a kid. Heck, he's a human being. He deserves better than being a punching bag for a self-involved twit. Now if only HE could see that.

It doesn't take a psychology degree to see Gary is a classic domestic violence victim. Even as the courts have been trying to punish Amber for punching him not once but several times on national TV, often with their child IN the room, he's been seen moping about his apartment. He acts like a court-ordered no-contact order, the very thing put in place to protect him, is a punishment ... not for Amber but for him. And he's made it clear over the last several season of Teen Mom that whatever Amber dishes out, he will take, following it up with a plea for seconds.

But wait! We have a good sign here!

Gary's admitted that he got his "precious baby" out of his relationship with Amber. He's pissed at her, but there's a spark of ... happiness? Satisfaction with his OWN life?

Pretty much every single one of my divorced friends has told me that they're satisfied with their lives because they got their kids out of their marriage, even if the relationship went south. Not coincidentally, the friends who say this are generally the ones who have come out of the anger/hurt/denial phases of grieving a relationship and on to the "OK, gotta look at the positives so I can move on" phase.

Leah may be what ties Gary and Amber together, but ironically, she's his way out too. Realizing his kid doesn't need to follow the cycle of domestic violence. Realizing he doesn't have to feel despair about every single part of those messed up couple of years.

We've all heard of people fighting their addiction to drugs or alcohol for the sake of their kids, so why not? We can only hope ...

Do you think Gary Shirley will ever truly wean himself from his drug of choice: Amber Portwood?


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