Emmy Host Jane Lynch Makes Mockery of TV in Cheeky Opening Act (VIDEO)

jane lynch opening number emmys 2011Jane Lynch hosting the Emmys was reason enough for me to tune in last night. The Academy really knew what they were doing choosing Jane. Not because she's an especially talented singer or dancer, as any Gleek knows. Sure, she can pull her own weight on Glee -- Sue Sylvester's rendition of "Vogue" is a classic! -- but no one would argue she has the pipes of one Lea Michele. She doesn't have to. She's HILARIOUS. And on last night's Emmys, she proved that her brand of comedy can carry a show. It can also carry what may have been the best opening number of all time.

I remember some 10-15 years ago watching Billy Crystal take the stage to host the Oscars a handful of times, and he always ripped it up doing a song-and-dance shtick. Sure, he teased the nominees a little, but for the most part, his openers were a celebration of the industry. Sure, Jane's was, too ... but at the same time, she was able to really stick it to the people who make TV. AND us, the viewers!


It's a hidden talent, perhaps -- one she probably owes the role of Sue some credit for. Jane Lynch has the ability to make fun of ANYONE and get away with it! Even the very group of people she was hosting a party for.

In the opening number, Jane weaves her way through an apartment building that is supposedly home to "all of TV," spouting tongue-in-cheek remarks about all the fantasies TV portrays, like how "Bristol Palin in a monkey suit is a star," "High school students look roughly 24," "People actually vote" (as she walks by Randy Jackson, alluding to American Idol), "Men can actually cook" (Top Chef). Those were just some of my faves. And I don't think just any host could have pulled that off, you know? Sue Jane has a way of making the most cutting jabs lighthearted and palatable. 

Here's the opening number if you missed it ...

Love when she teases viewers for no longer reading/thinking, but just staring into the "vast wasteland" of TV ALL THE TIME. It's awesome, because not only are we laughing at her, but she makes it okay to laugh at ourselves, and it's all good.

Did you love Jane Lynch's opening number last night? What was your favorite part?


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