'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Kathy Finally Lets Teresa Know What She Thinks of Her

real housewives of new jerseyAh, the episode we've been waiting for in this never-ending season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Tonight the ladies up and packed their leopard luggage and slutty swimsuits and headed off to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Some pre-drama highlights? Joe Giudice telling Teresa he's not going to have sex with her during the trip, Teresa shrieking, "Why?! 'Cause I have my period? So what!" (Tampax stock nose-dived after that scene.); Teresa trying on nine different bathing suits in front of everyone and their husbands to "get their opinion"; Joe Gorga telling his wife to shut up while he was getting a massage because it was "arousing" him; and Teresa's bathing suit. A gold lamé sparkly trashy thing of a suit that had no business going anywhere near water. Or anywhere else that wasn't somehow related to Liberace or Dancing With the Stars.

But these things were just the amuse bouches in the feast of drama that was to come.


Teresa, her husband, Albert Manzo, and Richie Wakile were all sitting around on the beach talking about how Joe and Teresa are planning on opening up a restaurant (oh, and how Joe is also getting back into construction simultaneously). As one would expect, Albert and Richie offered some cautionary advice for the budding restaurateurs, saying things like, "You know, you're going to have to put in a lot of weekend hours, etc." (To which, as one would expect, Joe and Teresa were all, "No, it's fine. We're gonna do it. You guys are wrong.")

Then, mid-convo, Kathy walks in, gets up to speed on what everyone's talking about, then offers her two cents, which weren't much different from what her husband and Albert were saying. She said that the reason she couldn't open a restaurant herself at this point in her life is because she wouldn't want to detach herself from her kids. And with that, Teresa's head exploded.

The women went back and forth, forth and back, failing to make any sort of headway the entire argument. The whole thing was just words, letters, numbers, things from the past -- like how Kathy told Teresa that she had left her daughter, Audriana, unattended at the christening while a fight was taking place. It was dreadful.

Here's the thing. Teresa is clearly not over the Audrina thing. And Kathy was clearly offering a little bit of a dig when she made the "detachment" comment. But I've gotta say, at this point in the game, I find it damn near impossible to feel anything but contempt for Teresa -- and her obnoxious husband. If she was modest and kind -- and didn't need to be the center of attention every waking moment -- I would have actually sided with her on this one. But her behavior was so despicable, so ... egregious the entire episode that I actually took pleasure in watching Kathy yell at her. I believe the proper term for that is: Schadenfreude.

For me, at this point, there's no turning back with Teresa. My opinion of her is set in stone. She's rude, mean, petty, and a phony.  She's shown her true colors this season, and boy, are they ugly.

I can only hope that she's realizing these things as she watches each episode for herself. But I seriously, seriously doubt it.

Do you think Teresa was being obnoxious during the trip?


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