Charlie Sheen's Sane Act Is Still Crazy

charlie sheenSo, Charlie Sheen has been all over the teevee today, in a string of appearances morning talk show-type appearances all leading up to his big moment later this evening when he proves to Jay Leno -- and the world -- that he is a sane and sober man again. That he is, as they say, Winning! But not Winning in a toothless meth addict living under a bridge who thinks he's Superman kind of way, not this time.

No, this time Charlie is winning in the traditional sense: Winning the battle against his crazy-ass demons.

Uh, yeah ... I don't buy it.


Sure, in the clips I've seen, he's all suave, sitting there on Jay Leno's couch. He's back to being charming and funny, even self-deprecating. "I would have fired myself," he tells Leno. He admits that he was "out of control."

Face-to-face with Matt Lauer, he explains that "tiger blood" was just a "metaphor." Is he sober? Yes. When was the last time he drank or did something harder? "A while." No more goddesses. Now it's all about what he calls "moments within moments," like seeing his son smile at the end of a day.

Charlie is such a good actor that I almost believed him. Then I realized, Charlie is such a good actor that he believes himself! THEN I realized, Omg, that's why this entire Charlie Sheen soap opera has been so compelling in the first place: Because it was all genuine.

Watching "normal" Charlie talk his talk, I was tempted to write off the breakdown as a wacky publicity stunt in the vein of that trainwreck Joaquin Phoenix orchestrated a couple of years ago.

But it's not. What we've been watching is a human being battle some very real crazy-ass demons indeed. And that's why we can't look away.

Do you think Charlie Sheen's crazy days are really over?

Image via Matthew Straubmuller/Flickr

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