Jennifer Aniston's 'Brave' Face Really Says 'Screw You, Brad Pitt!'

jennifer aniston
Jennifer Aniston's brave face
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that by now you've heard about Brad Pitt's asinine comments about his "boring," "pretend" marriage to Jennifer Aniston to Parade magazine. We get it, dude, Angelina Jolie is way more exciting with her tattoos and her lips and unbelievable fertility.

But I'm not going to assume that you've heard/read/seen how a lot of blogs and tabloids are painting the former Friends star after the harsh words were echoed around the world. Because that would mean you spend as much time online as I do, and nobody should do that.

Last night, Jen was seen leaving her Manhattan apartment with her way-hotter-than-Brad-Pitt boyfriend, Justin Theroux, and splashed across a couple of websites -- one in particular -- were words like, "Jennifer Aniston puts on a brave face after Brad Pitt's comments."

It's like, dude, the woman was just going out to get a bite to eat.


I mean, would it be hurtful to hear that your ex-husband said such rude, unnecessary things about you when you've been minding your own? Of course. But it doesn't really seem like Jen's in a place where she's going to wallow over it or let it haunt her. Because she's totally in love. And she's not the one talking about Brad, he's the one talking about her.

We see a variation of the same photos of Aniston and Theroux constantly. The two of them walking together. The two of them smiling. The two of them exiting a building. Why is this photo -- one of her and Theroux smiling and exiting a building -- any different? She's just ... doing what she always does. The woman likes to exit buildings. Why does she have to be "putting on a brave front"?

Bottom line is this: No matter how hard she tries, Jennifer Aniston -- and whoever her boyfriend happens to be -- will never escape the shadows of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Because the media just won't let her. And apparently neither will Brad.

Do you think Jennifer was "putting on a brave face"?


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