'Lion King 3D' Is a Waste of Money

When I was a teenager, I saw The Lion King in the theater. It was a great time; I loved it and I imagined that some day I might take my own children to see it. Now, 17 years later, I have two kids and there is no way in hell I plan to take either of them to see The Lion King 3D. Take that, Disney.

It may be retooled and remastered and redone and re-awesome, but I'm so sick of the whole 3D gimmick, I could just scream. It wasn't cool in the '80s and it's certainly not cool now. And it seems like every other movie is either coming out 3D or being re-released in 3D and now there is 3D TV and everyone wants in on that, too. 

Memo to Hollywood: Take your cheap, germ-filled glasses and keep them. I don't need to feel like I am LITERALLY INSIDE the movie. Sitting in a theater will do just fine.


I loved the original Lion King. Loved everything about Simba and his tragic beginning and heroic life. We will be watching at home, but not donning the 3D glasses because:

1.) They cost more: Who thought adding the premium was a good idea? Personally I find movies expensive enough. I don't need to pay an extra couple dollars to feel like I am in the movie, and I especially don't like it when I don't have a choice.

2.) Kids won't wear them: Not sure about your kids, but mine won't even consider wearing uncomfortable glasses for one minute, let alone more than one hour. They are happy to go to the movies, but have no interest in doing so while being forced to wear uncomfortable, ill-fitting glasses.

3.) Free passes are out: Ever get a promotional free pass to a movie? No? Well if you ever do, don't expect to use it on 3D. Since they're more expensive, they don't apply to most discounts or passes.

4.) Headaches: I've never been to a 3D movie that didn't give me a headache afterward.

5.) Clutter: Since 3D movies cost extra, I feel I have purchased the crappy glasses. And yet, why do I need them? I always end up tossing them back, which only serves to make me feel like an idiot cog in the big Hollywood wheel. Movies already cost enough, dang it!

And while some movies are cool in 3D -- Piranha, Bloody Valentine, Avatar -- most are fine without it and the 3D just feels like a gimmick. These are the reasons I will be using my Netflix account to watch Simba and family with my kids.

Do you like 3D movies?


Image via zigazou76/Flickr

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