Brad Pitt Is Losing It in His Old Age

Taylor Lautner For some reason I just assumed that all of Hollywood's major heartthrobs kind of knew who each other were. You know, seeing one another on most beautiful people lists, bumping into each other on red carpets, and such. Turns out, that's not always the case, or at least not when it comes to Brad Pitt who says he has no clue who Taylor Lautner is.

Seriously, is Brad losing it ... or just pretending to? I'm far from a Twihard, but I find it hard to believe anyone alive -- especially someone in the biz -- doesn't know who Taylor/Jacob is/are. But that's what old man Brad said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly when asked about the whole new generation of vampires that has sprung up since he played one years ago in Interview With a Vampire.


"I don't know enough about it, really," Brad said when asked about the Twilight series and the young whippersnappers. And he didn't even try to fake it when pressed about Lautner in particular. He finally made a connection when prompted with one of Lautner's non-vampire movies ... sort of.

Sharkboy and Lavagirl? That's a great movie. Which one is he? Sharkboy? The guy that's always photographed with his shirt off -- is that the guy? That's Sharkboy? Wow. I had no idea.

While I'm sure it may sting Lautner a little to think Brad doesn't know who he is, the real person hurt by this comment is Brad. It makes him look either a) jealous of the new hot young heartthrob, pretending not to know who he is; or b) just old and totally out of it.

Granted, he does have a whole tribe of children, and he tried to use them as an excuse. "Listen, because of my kids, I see only movies for 10 and under. I've seen them all, and I've seen them 10 times over."

Yeah, me too, but I still know who Lautner is. And I don't even have a publicist who should have prepared me for such questions when vampires rule the world today. Not liking the whole vampire thing would be one thing, but not even knowing about it just makes him seem old and dreadfully un-hip.

And Pitt is on a roll with the slights as he makes the rounds pimping his new movie Moneyball. Earlier this week it was Jennifer Aniston and his "pretend" marriage to her that he was tearing apart. See, he's becoming crotchety too -- another sign of aging.

At least we know now that he's not really a vampire since they don't ever age. As for Angie, the verdict is still out.

Do you think Brad Pitt really didn't know who Taylor Lautner was or do you think he's just showing his age?

Image via Live & Let Die/Flickr

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