Kardashians Mocked by Very Immature News Anchor (VIDEO)

Mike Jerrick making fun of the KardashiansKim and Kourtney Kardashian were kind enough to make an appearance on Philadelphia's Fox 29 morning show, Good Day, to talk about, you guessed it, their Kardashian Kollection for Sears. The girls were their sweet, baby-voiced, perfectly charming selves when they spoke with hosts Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones. Which is why it's so weird that Mike couldn't stop making fun of the sisters after the segment ended. Like, really making fun of.

And the crazy thing is, the entire thing was on the air!


After chatting with Kim and Kourtney, Jerrick immediately bursts into laughter, shoulders shaking, the whole bit. He asks his co-host if the Kardashians can still hear them, then he starts imitating their little girl voices and pulls the shoulders of his suit up to look like their pointy shoulder pads. Sheinelle tries to stick up for the girls, saying she thinks they're "stunning," but she's laughing, too.

In all honesty, the bit is sort of funny. Not because he's making fun of the Kardashians, but because he really is cracking himself up -- and that's always amusing to witness. But the fact that he did it right after the interview ended -- and on the air -- is, well, super unprofessional.

The Kardashians won't ever return to their show -- and other celebrities and media personalities will probably be wary of the program in fear that they, too, will be mocked. And I'm sure he pissed off his producers. If he wanted to express his distaste for the women behind closed doors, do you, bro. I'm sure tons of reporters and hosts do that. But on live television? A nanosecond after you were done speaking with them? Totally un-profesh, my friend.

Check out the video:


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