'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Is Smart to Leave Her Baby

farrah abraham, sophia, debra danielsonAre you sitting down, Teen Mom fan? I really hope you're sitting down. Seriously, I don't want to be held responsible for you dislocating your shoulder or something when you read this news and pass out from the massive shock.

Okay, here goes: Farrah Abraham just made a really good decision. Regarding her future. And her 3-year-old daughter Sophia's future. Like, a smart choice that could change both of their lives for the better.

(You see why I wanted you to sit down?)

You'll never guess what it is, especially since on this week's episode, 20-year-old Farrah made such a big fuss about NOT wanting to do the thing she ended up doing ...


Yep, believe it or not, Farrah Abraham went ahead and left Sophia with her mom Debra in Iowa to go to school in Florida.

You know, like her mom suggested in the first place? But Farrah was all I would never leave my daughter, boo-hoo?

In all seriousness, I mean it when I say that I'm sure this was an incredibly difficult decision to make. I'm a mom, and I know what it's like. So I have to give Farrah credit for sucking it up and making a choice that's going to be really hard to live with for a little while but will make her life -- and Sophia's life -- so much easier in the long run.

And I have to give Farrah's mom Debra Danielson credit for stepping up to the grandma plate, big-time, by offering to take care of Sophia.

Debra knows that her daughter needs more time to grow up and become a stable human being before she can be a good mom, and that's exactly what she's giving her: The gift of time.

Here's hoping for everybody's sake that it's time well-spent.

Do you think Farrah made the right decision by going away to school?

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