Anderson Cooper Gets a Spray Tan So Hot Even Snooki Approves (VIDEO)

anderson cooper spray tanAnderson Cooper is one of the coolest guys out there. If you asked me right now who I wished my best friend would be, I'd say Andy Cohen. But my second pick would be Anderson Cooper. And my third choice would be Snooki. And my fourth choice would be James Wilke, but I digress. Back to Anderson Cooper ... and Snooki. So! On Anderson's eponymous show, he had Snooki take him to get a spray tan. The adventure was hilarious, as you can imagine, full of giggles and eyebrow raises and lots and lots of orange aerosol.


It starts out with Anderson waiting for Snooki to arrive at Beach Bum tanning salon, and when she finally bursts through the glass doors, she sees Anderson and exclaims, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE PALE." It was the perfect beginning to what seems to be a perfect 45 minutes together.

A lot is revealed about these two buddies in the short clip. Snooki comes across as a self-centered teen and Anderson comes across as a patient dad. She makes him wait, she deviates from the plan, but when all is said and done, Anderson emerges from the spray tan room looking like the guido brother Snooki never had. They drew muscles on him and everything! But Anderson wasn't bad to begin with -- boi hits the gym. You can totally tell. Even Snooki was impressed.

He giggles, like only Anderson can, he makes fun of himself, he's embarrassed to wear a hair net, he's incredulous that people actually paint on their muscles before spray tanning. All the while, Snooki's there for moral support, explaining that it won't hurt a bit. At one point even mentioning that she "loves the smell of spray tan" and wafts all the chemicals into her face. Good call, Snooks.

WATCH the video for yourself and tell me you're not an even bigger Anderson Cooper fan now:


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