Clueless Nordstrom Exec Trashes Kate Middleton’s Style

kate middletonIf I were a person who worked in the fashion industry, I would be kissing Kate Middleton's royal ass right about now. Not only because I genuinely heart the Duchess and her ladylike frocks, but because, well, who wants to piss off the future Queen of England? Oh, a Nordstrom fashion director, that's who!

Gregg Andrews recently said about Duchess Catherine: "She is stylish, but she’s not setting trends, she’s following trends. If you take Kate out of the Royal Family, put her on a street in New York, you wouldn’t look at her twice. She’s a beautiful woman, but she blends into a crowd."

Hmmph. Looks like Mr. Gregg needs to take a refresher course at fashion school, because Kate's style is so much more than the clothes she wears.


Before I get into what I think "constitutes style," though, I need to address something. As someone who lives and works in New York, I can categorically state: I would indeed look twice at Kate Middleton if she passed me by in the street. And she would not, in any way, shape, or form, blend into a crowd. Married to Prince William or not. 

The woman is almost six feet tall, weighs about 100 pounds, never has a shiny hair out of place, and carries herself with the grace and confidence that only a princess could. You'd do a double-take if someone like that crossed your path.

Now, do I think Kate is wearing the most cutting edge of fashions and daring of makeup? No, I do not. Nor do I think she should. Because she's a Duchess, not Lady Gaga. It would be inappropriate. It's about the way she wears her clothes. And the fact that she's not, as a celebrity, constantly donning the most look-at-me-aren't-I-so-trendy fashions, speaks volumes. It shows that she's comfortable with herself -- and that she doesn't feel the need to always be the center of attention.

If you don't like Kate's style, Mr, Andrews, fine. To each his own. But at the very least, don't badmouth it. Because that's so not chic.

Do you like Kate Middleton's style?

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