'Teen Mom' Recap: Maci's Mom Is Right

As the third season of Teen Mom winds to a close (next week is the finale), the (former) teens are actually making some rather dramatic changes in their lives. Between Farrah potentially moving to Florida with Sophia to get her bachelor's degree, Tyler and Catelynn graduating, and Amber finally acting like a real mom, things are looking up. Of course, Maci is stuck in a bit of a rut.

Over and over she seeks to control Ryan's interactions with Bentley and over and over she is told the truth: She can't. She will live a miserable life if she keeps acting with the idea that she can control what happens when Bentley is at Ryan's house.

As Maci lamented her situation to her mother, her mother said the smartest thing in the episode: "You should have thought of this before having his baby." Harsh, yes. But true as well. She should have.


Ryan, flawed though he may be, loves Bentley. And he is Bentley's dad. He is an active father who has parents who also love Bentley, and Maci is only 50 percent of the equation.

When two parents are together and married (or not) and raising their child together, there is always push and pull and give and take, but the love often allows for compromise. When two parents aren't together, courts get involved and things become contentious. Each parent must learn to cede control when the child is at the other parent's house in order for things to be smooth for the child.

Maci used words like, "I won't LET him see Bentley any more" and "I never would have LET him see Bentley if ..." all last night. She clearly missed the memo that told her the truth: She doesn't have the control. If Ryan wants to be an involved dad, he has that right and, unless she can prove he is "unfit" in some way (which, clearly, she can't), it isn't up to her. It's up to the court.

Maci is a loving, great mom and I feel for her and the pain she must go through in all this. But she is making herself miserable by continuing to believe she has control over a situation over which she actually has none. The quicker she can learn to let go and understand that when Bentley is at Ryan's house, Ryan can do what he wants, the happier she will be.

He may feed Bentley cotton candy for dinner. He may let him watch 12 hours of TV. He may go out at night after Bentley is asleep and leave him with the grandparents. But the only thing Maci can control is what happens once Bentley is at home with her. Sure, she could take Ryan to court, but trying to say he is an unfit dad for going out after Bentley is asleep is only going to waste her money on legal fees. She won't win.

The sooner she realizes this, the happier she will be.

Do you think Maci needs to let go?

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