Only Michelle Williams Can Bring Marilyn Monroe Back to Life

michelle williams vogue coverI've been a fan of Michelle Williams ever since she was bad-girl Jen Lindley on Dawson's Creek. Now at 31, she's one of Hollywood's brightest stars. Nominated for two Oscars (Brokeback Mountain and Blue Valentine), her latest role will be as Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, which opens November 4. Williams graces the cover of Vogue's October issue and talks about her decision to play the icon, her family, what it was like to lose Heath Ledger, and what getting back in the dating pool has been like.

And, uh, she sounds, uh, kinda perfect. She's come a long way since Capeside.


Williams just comes across like a well-balanced, happy, working mom who wants to do great work, raise a healthy, gleeful daughter, and learn from the lessons life has dealt her. I don't know, there was something really refreshing about her interview, something zen, that you don't usually read about in celebrity sit-downs. There's usually a defensiveness you can pick up when a star gets asked questions by a journalist, but I didn't detect any of that with Michelle. Did I mention that I love her?

Totally can't wait to see her new movie. It's about the week Marilyn spent with Laurence Olivier while filming The Prince and the Showgirl in 1957. It documents their terse and tumultuous relationship and co-stars Emma Watson and Kenneth Branagh. Understandably, the movie is getting a lot of buzz. Hence the Vogue cover.

Williams admits that she needed to gain some weight for her role as the voluptuous MM, but found it difficult to distribute the weight -- it went straight to her face and not to her hips. (Though after seeing the cover, looks like her boobs got a little help from the extra food, too.) She also shares that she was really nervous about signing up to play Marilyn, but says after six months of mulling it over, she knew she had no choice.

I'm really glad she chose to take on this movie -- knowing Michelle so well as I do, I know she'll be fantastic. I smell Oscar! Third time's a charm.

Will you see My Week With Marilyn?

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