Perez Hilton's New 'Perezitos' Site Is a Big Surprise

Call me hypocritical—as I sit here typing yet another celebrity-focused article at my entertainment writing job—but I have never been a fan of Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton. It's not that I think he's too mean (although there is a line, and I think calling people fags while routinely outing closeted celebrities definitely crosses it), it's that he isn't funny. I often read The Superficial, after all, and it doesn't get much meaner and misogynistic than that. The difference is, whoever's wielding the poison pen at The Superficial is often hilarious, while Perez is just painfully lame. MS-Paint-generated semen/cocaine scribbles across celebrities' faces? Yeah, call me when you've graduated from seventh grade, Perez.

So when I heard Perez Hilton had launched a site that covers celebrity families, I assumed it would be a disgustingly rude exploitative mess. Turns out, Perez just may be one bitch who actually can be taught a new trick.


(Oh stop looking at me like that. If he can call Rumor Willis "Potatohead" and then-15-year-old Miley Cyrus a slut, I can damn well call him a bitch.) is the product of a kinder, gentler Hilton, who in 2010 confessed that "I can't keep justifying my behavior. I was 26 when I started blogging. I'm almost 33 now. Time to grow up!" While he's launched other web spinoffs like the fashion/celebrity mashup CocoPerez and health/fitness/fame-focused FitPerez, Perezitos will house celebrity parent/kid content, along with advice from pediatricians and people he calls "mommy experts."

When you consider the history of his original site, Hilton's PR-polished statement about Perezitos is eye-rollingly ironic:

It's very exciting because it's just another example of how celebrity news doesn't need to be negative. People love babies and children and pregnancies. People love weddings; people love new couples. It's not just about train wrecks and out-of-control celebrities.

Still, having taken a look at Perezitos, it really does come across as good-hearted. The pictures he includes appear to be images the celebrities have either endorsed or at least allowed—no traumatic paparazzi shots of Suri Cruise mid-tantrum seem to be present—and the articles themselves aren't mean at all. Sure, the written content still sports his signature style of looking like something an excitable teen typed via text message, but at least no babies have been defaced with a jizz-scrawl.

In other words, the bar is pretty damn low for Perez Hilton. I'm not quite ready to jump up and cheer his good work, but I guess I can give him a slow golf clap for putting his skeezier nature aside for this particular project. Clap. Clap. Clap.

What do you think of Hilton's family-friendly site? Do you think he's truly turned over a new leaf?

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