Gaga's Biggest Confessions to Gaultier Shouldn't Shock Little Monsters

lady gaga jean paul gaultierThe setting -- Jean Paul Gaultier's studio in Paris -- couldn't have been more perfect. The timing -- just before Born This Way was released in May -- was just right. World-famous Lady Gaga met with fashion legend Jean Paul Gaultier, and it was "J'adore!" at first sight. The designer interviewed Gaga on tonight's CW special, Gaga by Gaultier, and Little Monsters like me were totally pumped to tune in and spend a little over an hour with their Mother Monster and the famed designer. Sure, she's been interviewed so many times, but this would be different, right? In the hands of a fellow artiste (!), the "creature" would be "unleashed" and totally uninhibited by "the creator." Who knows what exciting secrets she might share?

That was the hope anyway.


Somewhat anticlimactically, there were no real secrets dished out for Jean Paul. Sure, Gaga was definitely more Stefani than the hidden-behind-sunglasses aloof diva she has been in previous interviews with, say, Larry King.

But was it anything groundbreaking? Eye-opening? Nah. Most of us already know that she's bisexual, she did drugs, she loves her fans, fashion, and her "very Italian" family, she doesn't want to dishonor her creative visions, and she has a troop of people named the Haus of Gaga backing her up. At the time of the interview, she said she didn't have a man, but of course, that may have been when she and Luc broke up briefly. (I still say she's with Luc, but rumor has it she's with the guy who starred in her "You & I" video, Taylor Kinney. Maybe she's with both? Why not, she's Gaga!)

For anyone who has followed her for even a year, tonight's interview was really nothing more than a retrospective of Gaga's rise to fame. Which was lovely, sure, don't get me wrong! I enjoy the montages of VMA performances and old clips of Stef performing at The Bitter End in NYC just as much as the next Little Monster. And I loved seeing her chat with Jean Paul, who seems as taken with her as anyone who paid $100 to scream for her in the crowd at the Monster Ball. But it was basically like an installment of VH1's Behind the Music paired with some basic Q&A and a side of fashion. I thought we'd get some sexy, exciting new juice, and when we didn't, well, it was a bit disappointing. When it comes to these interviews, it seems Gaga's an open book -- but only to an extent -- and most of us already know the stories she's willing to tell.

Did you watch Gaga by Gaultier? What did you think?


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