Demi Moore's Topless Photo Is a Big Tease

demi mooreYou know what I love most about the Internet? The boobs. There are boobs everywhere you look! You search for the most innocuous image in Google and boom: Breasts are inevitably a result. So when I read that Demi Moore had tweeted a picture of herself topless, naturally I clicked on the headline. Seeing as I'm so used to boobies on my computer screen, I didn't think twice about it. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Demi's tatas? I was sure they were going to be spectacular.

But Demi pulled a fast one on us. And by "us" I mean the pervs out there like me who were expecting to see areola and nipple. What we got, however, was something a little more ... unexpected.


Mrs. Ashton Kutcher was topless all right, but we didn't see her front -- she tweeted a topless photo of her back. Clever girl. The photo's caption reads: "Remember ... you've got your own back."

The Charlie's Angels star tweets a lot of "inspirational" phrases. Some examples: "Negatives are the developing process/But there is a full color image waiting to emerge." And: "Trying to find the light I lost/It's there but times we give it away along w/our power but it's there whenever we are."

This latest twit pic has gotten more than twice the views of the others, no doubt boosted by the promise of an image of the 48-year-old's bazooms. I'm just thinking that maybe she could've played off the bait and switch a bit and tweeted a caption saying something to the effect of, "Nothing's always as it seems" or "You're let down, but it was your own expectations that caused it" or "Haha losers! It's just my back."

Demi has tweeted some randy photos in the past (helloooo snake-skin bikini!), so she's no stranger to causing a stir online. The twit-pic of her back has gotten a lot of attention -- as of now it has almost 200,000 views. The haters are going after her, saying she looks too thin, calling her names, etc., but the only thing I'm hating on is the fact that she's too classy to actually tweet her boobs to the world. Kidding! (Kinda.)

What do you think?

Photo via david_shankbone/Flickr

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