Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lopez Are Headed for Disaster

bradley cooperEven though lots of women have sworn for years that he's their Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, etc., I never really cared about Bradley Cooper. Maybe it's because the guy's always been cast as a jerk (like in Wedding Crashers, and even in The Hangover, he's kind of a self-important skeeze), and I tend to go for the guys who play lovable goofs (Paul Rudd, Jason Segel). But then I saw him on Inside the Actor's Studio and everything changed. He's so ... smart! He's so ... charming! He's got such ... blue ... eyes! PLUS, I learned he's a classically-trained actor, and he speaks fluent French (j'adore!!).

After that, I officially became a Bradley Cooper fan girl. So now, to hear that the thespian stud was spotted out on a date with Jennifer Lopez?!? Of all people!? Oh no, say it isn't so! 

This is NOT a match made in Hollywood Heaven. 


The scoop is that the two dined together for over two hours at Per Se -- a fancy shmancy NYC spot frequented by the rich and famous -- and the dinner was "romantic," according to spies onlookers.

Ick. If this is true -- and the dinner really wasn't just a meeting about a "project" they're working on -- a Bradley-JLo hook-up could easily be headed in the direction of Bennifer (Ben Affleck and JLo) Part 2. 

As I've mentioned before, I think ol' JLo needs to be taken down a notch or two from her "I'm Empress of the Universe" shtick. Sure, she's been through a rough, public break-up (err, more like five or six of 'em?), she's a mom of twins, and she does an awesome job juggling all of her business endeavors (Idol, music, movies, fashion design, etc.). I give the woman a lot of credit.

But does that mean I think she's right for Bradley? Hell to the no! Like Ben Affleck before him, Bradley Cooper seems like a grounded, hard-working, cerebral guy who enjoys nights curled up on a couch with a good book or foreign/indie film. Can you see JLo enjoying that? Like, for real? For that long? No. I'd bet a bazillion bucks that woman can't sit still and doesn't know how to "chill on a couch" to save her life. 

She's just too high-maintenance for Bradley. I'll bet they're both dynamic go-getters, but that's probably where their connection ends. Hopefully, a biz deal is all that comes of this, because I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in never wanting to see the moniker "Brennifer" or "BradLo" splashed across tabloid pages, ugh.

Do you like these two together?   

Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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