'True Blood' Season Finale Recap: Sookie Makes Her Choice!

sookieSo now I know why the Season 4 finale of True Blood was called "And if I Die" ... because damn, who didn't die tonight?? I figured it would be something of a Blood Bath, but even I was surprised by this episode's high fatality rate. Still, finding out which characters passed on wasn't as shocking as seeing which characters came back from the dead (at least temporarily).

Being the considerate Truebie that I am, of course I won't reveal who checked out before the jump ... nor will I give away the biggest secret of all: Did Sookie choose Eric or Bill???

You know the drill ... click on "read more" and I cannot be held responsible for any spoiler exposure!! Understood?


Still with me? Okay, I totally blame Gran's ghostly advice for Sookie deciding to take the high road and not choose Bill OR Eric!! Has the girl gone mad?? Gran just had to go and be all "Don't be afraid to be alone, Sookie," didn't she? Well, now that she's rejected the two hottest vampires in town and lost Tara (did you see that one coming?? Killed by a gunshot to the head from a tacky were-tramp, of all things!), Sookie's gonna have plenty of alone time, that's for sure.

Hmm, she might just end up doing as Alcide asked and "try harder" to fall in love with him. I really doubt he'd hold the fact that she blew Debbie's head off against her, do you?

Obviously I'm dying to see where the Sookie-Bill-Eric-Alcide love quadrangle goes next season, but there are about a billion other questions I can't wait to be answered ... will Rene's prophecy about Terry bringing Arlene "trouble of the worst kind" turn out to be true? (Confession: I love Rene! So psyched to see him again.) What the hell was the Rev. Steve Newlin doing on Jason's doorstep and how the hell did he get to be a vampire??

What are your Season 5 predictions?


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