'Wish You Were Here' Shows Avril Lavigne Is Just a Wimp (VIDEO)

avril lavigneDon't let the black eyeliner fool you! Avril Lavigne isn't such a tough chick after all, as her new video "Wish You Were Here" proves. Lavigne has built a reputation on being a badass, I don't give a s**t what you think punk chanteuse -- to the point where she's sometimes seemed like a caricature of herself, in my opinion.

But no more! Avril Lavigne is ready for the world to know that yes, she does shed tears! (No, she does not wear waterproof mascara!) Yes, she too gets sad enough to curl up barefoot on a dirty cement floor! (Where the hell is she, an abandoned warehouse?)


Hmm, do I sound a wee bit cynical? Forgive me. I'm sure Lavigne is nothing but sincere in her tragic suffering, but ... pretty girl with makeup running down her cheeks in some obscure, desolate location? I just wish she could have found a more original way of telling us she's having a bummer day.

Interestingly, the bulk of obsessive online searches related to Lavigne's new tune have been for the lyrics to "Wish You Were Here." I was curious, too: Wait, is Lavigne doing a Pink Floyd cover? But then I heard the song, and, well, no. Not the same song at all. Not even a teensy little bit. So is it kind of weird that she's recycling the title of an already famous song? To me, yes, but maybe that's because I'm 10 years older than Lavigne and my cultural references are, too.

Either way, I'm not bowled over by the lyrics. A sample:

Damn, damn, damn/What I'd do to have you/Near, near, near/Wish you were here

Am I being needlessly mean? Watch the video and tell me what you think:

Do you think Avril Lavigne's crying jag is all for show?


Image via YouTube

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