Ryan Gosling Is Forgiven for the Street Fight Manpri Situation (VIDEOS)

ryan goslingIf you're a Ryan Gosling fan, I know you saw that viral video of him breaking up that street fight in the East Village of NYC. Poor guy was just trying to do the right thing and now it's all he's able to talk about on his press junket for his movie, Drive. Oh well! Sucks to be him, rules to be us. Now we've got the full story on what really happened that day, why Ryan felt like he had to do something, and why oh why he was wearing that striped tank and those manpris.


I watched his interviews with MTV and with E! News because I'm just that dedicated and found out the scoop. Turns out Ryan was on his way back from a workout at the "gymnasium" (not the gym, ladies, the gymnasium), which might explain his unorthodox outfit. Personally I think he looked like he stepped off the dock of Nantucket and nothing like a gym rat, but maybe that's what celebs wear to work out.

He admitted to E! News that he doesn't try to look good when he heads to the gymnasium, which ding ding ding ding ding! I said last week in my post entitled "In Defense of Ugly Workout Clothes." Well! Looks like Ryan and I are cut from the same cloth.

But that's beside the point. OK, so Ryan was looking a little odd in his gymnasium attire and happened upon a man trying to steal a painting from a painter. As an East Village resident who goes to Astor Place twice a day (that's where Gos broke up the fight), I can officially concur that there are painters there trying to sell there goods. So one guy didn't want to pay for it, there was a scuffle, then as Ryan puts it, "The guy from The Notebook shows up and things get even weirder."

Not sure how many times I've prayed that "the guy from The Notebook shows up," but it numbers somewhere between "stalker" and "has a severe problem."

Drive is in theaters September 16.

In case you missed Ryan breaking up the fight:

Now WATCH both his interviews and feel all warm and Ryany inside.


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