Lady Gaga Is the Perfect Star to Commemorate 9/11

lady gagaI LOVE that Lady Gaga is one of the celebs taking part in the "I Will" 9/11 tribute campaign, a series of public service announcements featuring performing artists, actors and others sharing their plans to personally commemorate the 10th anniversary of September 11. Why? Because Gaga, as usual, will be speaking from the heart.

Allow me to explain.

Celebrities who attach themselves to a cause without having any real connection to whatever it is -- a disease, a natural disaster, whatever -- are kind of a pet peeve of mine. Yes, it's good to do good, no matter what, but empty celeb lip service just gets on my nerves: Do you really care, or did your publicist tell you to care?

We know Lady Gaga cares, because she has a very real connection to the attacks. Gaga is a New Yorker, after all.


She was still in high school (I know, can you believe it??) on September 11, 2001. "I just remembered the history teachers had us all piled into one room and had a television on and none of us believed it was happening," she says.

Lady Gaga and her classmates ran up to the rooftop of the school, she says, which was not in the neighborhood of Ground Zero but was still close enough for the teens to be able to watch the second tower fall. Which was an especially horrifying sight, considering Lady Gaga's mom worked not far from the World Trade Center at all.

"My dad picked me up and we couldn't reach my mom for a long time because she worked right across the street," she says. She remembers how nervous they felt and all the young stockbrokers she saw walking through the streets, covered in ashes.

The fact that she had such a visceral experience makes me believe Lady Gaga 100% when she answers the question "Ten years later, what will you do to remember?"

"Every year on September 11 with my family, we take a moment together and acknowledge a tremendous loss in our city and the world," she says. "I remember so many friends that lost family and so many people whose lives were changed forever."

Do you think Lady Gaga is the right celeb to commemorate 9/11?

Image via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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