Taylor Armstrong Has a Funny Way of Grieving Russell's Death

taylor armstrongI was never the biggest fan of Taylor Armstrong. I found her a little too money-hungry and kind of fake. And I wasn't really a fan of her husband, Russell, either. I found him rude and incredibly controlling. However, after his tragic death, I felt a small space in my heart open up for both of them. But now I’m afraid it might be closing up again. At least Taylor's spot.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has just inked a deal to write a book on domestic violence that will allegedly feature photos of Taylor's own battered face (from Russell). She's hoping to have it out by November "in time for the holidays."

Weird. And a little gross. And terribly poor timing.


Now, don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING okay with domestic violence. And just because someone commits suicide, it doesn't make their atrocious behavior excusable. But the man just died. I thought Taylor was beside herself, grief-stricken, being carried out of his funeral. Where is she finding the wherewithal to write a book right now? That features her deceased ex-husband in the most unflattering of lights no less?

Seems to me like Taylor is still money-hungry. And she's looking to make a little coin off of Russell's death. A source close to the reality star said, "It’s no secret that Taylor’s been strapped for cash since Russell died, and since she hasn’t received the advance on her book yet, a few of the Housewives have been helping her out financially.”

Hmm ... there are other ways to make money -- and I totally don't think she should not speak out on domestic violence, she definitely should. But writing a book with photos of what Russell did to her now? Only a few weeks after everything happened? It seems a little suspect to me.

Do you think Taylor is looking to make money off of Russell's death?


Image via Bravo

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