Leonardo DiCaprio Is No Robber, He Just Dresses Like One

leonardo dicaprioLeonardo DiCaprio is an international man of mystery. Always in disguise, he pops in and out of countries in his baseball hat, hooded sweatshirt, and sunglasses, daring to be recognized by fans or paparazzi. We usually find him though, but he's getting better at hiding. In Sydney, Australia, Leo was so well veiled that when he went into a jewelry store to buy a present for his mother (aw!), the store clerks thought he was a robber. Our Leo! Can you imagine? He may look suspicious in his "regular Joe" outfits, but he's no Winona.

If only the jewelry clerks knew that. They prepared for the worst and readied themselves for a robbery.


The sales clerk, Linda, saw the man in disguise with two burly men (his bodyguards), one of whom was guarding the door, and assumed the store was about to be robbed. She sent one of the customers to fetch the store's owner who was next door grabbing a coffee, but by the time the owner showed up, Linda had realized who she was dealing with. It wasn't a robber, Linda! It was our sweet Leo, looking for a little gifty-poo for his mama.

I guess stars really are like us ... when they look like thugs in a fancy store, people assume the worst about them. Hopefully the mistake made Leo chuckle -- as if that rich bastard needs to steal anything. What did he make off Titanic again? $400 gagillion? He could buy the whole store and still have enough left over to buy the Heart of the Ocean.

Leo didn't end up purchasing the necklace that day (he said he had to move his car or something) but promised to come back and pick up the $1,600 piece of jewelry for his mom another day. Leo will be in Sydney for a while filming The Great Gatsby, so maybe he will.  

I hope Leo walks away from this thinking that maybe he should tone down the shady disguises he wears in public -- I for one could stand to see some shots of the guy's pretty pretty face. Love you Leo, mean it.

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Photo via Splash News

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