Reese Witherspoon's Run In With a Car Doesn't Make Her an Exercise Addict

Poor Reese Witherspoon. First she had to weather about a thousand tabloid reports that she looked pregnant, then she got hit by a damn car while she was out for a jog yesterday morning, and now there are articles wondering if she's an "extreme exerciser" (and thus presumably at least partially to blame for having an elderly driver nearly grind her into Reeseburger in a crosswalk).

You just can't win in Hollywood, can you? You're either a fatty-fatty-two-by-four who is pregnant/in dire need of cutting back on the curly fries, or you're some sort of crazed fitness freak who'd doggedly finish a workout even if there was a geyser of arterial blood erupting from your eye-sockets.


According to ABC News, Reese's love of exercise isn't likely to be deterred by the accident, even though a panel of well-informed health experts (uh, an online editor at Us Weekly named Justin) was quoted as saying she should "at least take a day off."

The article goes on to say that the actress reportedly runs about three miles a day, is a fan of yoga, and was once was photographed looking tired while leaving an exclusive Los Angeles gym.

Oh my god, you guys. It's all adding up to one undeniable, tragic fact: REESE WITHERSPOON NEEDS AN INTERVENTION FOR HER DEADLY ADDICTION TO CARDIO!

Or ... not. Running three miles a day takes dedication, but I'd hardly categorize it as extreme—that distance takes about 30 minutes, give or take. If I could force my lazy ass to do that every morning, I'd be proud as hell. Anyone who describes a short daily run as EXTREME should take a look at your average CrossFit enthusiast for a little perspective on what a masochistic workout
really looks like.

Besides, have you see
these recent bikini photos of Reese? That is a totally normal, healthy body. There's nothing about the way Reese looks that screams HELP ME like some celebrities. (*coughLeeAnnRimescough*) In fact, for Hollywood, Reese looks surprisingly human—which is to say she actually appears to be formed of a carbon-based material.

I'm sure Reese will be back pounding the pavement in no time, and why shouldn't she be? If she isn't suffering any ill effects from her near-miss, why not get back into a routine she obviously enjoys? I'd say that's less of an EXTREME ADDICTION and more of a healthy approach to living an active, happy lifestyle.

What's your take on the claim that Reese Witherspoon is too extreme in her fitness pursuits?

Image via Flickr/fisherjen90

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