Lady Gaga Makes Big New Year’s Eve Announcement

lady gagaI know it's only September, but before we know it, we'll be stealing kids' Halloween candy, carving turkeys, and hanging mistletoe. With that in mind, I think it's entirely appropriate to talk about New Year's Eve. Specifically Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, which this year specifically involves Lady Gaga. Ryan Seacrest announced today on his radio show that the GaGA (accent on the second "ga" for fun) will perform on the show as the year turns from 2011 to 2012.

I guess this means we have three and a half months to plan our outfits, get a NYC hotel room, and buy some pocket warmers, because, uh, we're going.


Who's with me? Haven't you always wanted to bear 11-degree temperatures with a minus 10 windchill among throngs of belligerent drunks in one of the world's most crowded places? Well what better year than this one, little monsters, to knock "Ring in New Year's in Times Square" off the old bucket list and celebrate 2012 with our favorite artist. The world is coming to an end in 2012 anyway, so this may be our last chance.

It sounds like I'm joking, but I'm kinda not (about NYE in Times Square that is, not the world ending. I will forever joke about the world ending). As a New York City resident of six years now, I've never once gone to Times Square for New Year's because I couldn't find anyone adventuresome enough to join me. Yeah it sounds kind of miserable -- the crowds, the cold -- but who knows! Could be lots o' fun. With a flask of warm whiskey and a decent pair of wool socks, anything is possible.

I'm hoping that now since GaGA (you know how to say it) is performing, I might be able to find a buddy to go with me. Since GaGA (you got it!) is a native New Yorker, I think this is a great way to end her banner year. Even though the show is a little beneath her (as in she could most likely book any New Year's gig in the world ... it's not like Dick Clark is doing her any favors), I think her NYE choice shows her dedication to her city and her fans.

So far no other artists have been confirmed for the show, GaGA is the only one. Only three and a half months, people! Start planning starting ... now!

Are you more likely to watch Dick Clark's show now that GaGA's performing?

Photo via TJ Sengel/Flickr

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