Bella's 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Ring -- Sneak Peek!

bella wedding ringSo far, the casting directors for the Twilight series have done pretty dang well for themselves: Robert Pattinson as Edward? Score! Kristen Stewart as Bella? Nice! Taylor Lautner as Jacob? But of course!

It remains to be seen, however, if the lucky casting streak will continue with Breaking Dawn, Part 1. Sure, most of the major roles are already filled, but there are still two incredibly important "characters" yet to make an appearance. I'm talking, of course, about vamp-human baby Renesmee, AND ... drum roll, please ... Bella's wedding ring!!

No sneak peeks (yet) at Renesmee (I don't even know HOW they're going to do that, I really don't), but Summit Entertainment did release the first close-up wedding ring pic!

Hmmm. You want to know what I think?


I think this is a perfectly lovely ring ... that doesn't quite live up to the ethereal, luminous, museum-quality work of art I'd been imagining all this time. Granted, I don't know if the ring I've been fantasizing about could actually be crafted by human hands -- but that's because I don't know if the ring described in the book could be manufactured in the real world either.

For example: "The gold made a glittering web around the diamonds." Oooh. Try to picture RPattz sliding that on to KStew's finger. (Are you trying to picture it?) I can barely even make out the details, personally -- all I can see is a flash of light and little trails of gold dust, like what's left behind when you wave a Fourth of July sparkler around.

Such a ring is probably beyond the capacity of even the most talented human jewelry designer, so I will try to be understanding, to contain my disappointment.

Whatever will I gaze upon to console myself?

Well, I suppose if I have to stare at Robert Pattinson's face for the whole entire movie ... I can deal with that.

What do you think of Bella's wedding ring?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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