'Glee' Star Kristin Chenoweth Stands Up for Gays

Kristin ChenowethSay what you will about Glee, but the producers sure do know how to pick the stars. Every time you turn around, there's another member of the cast proving they're the kind of person you could totally picture as your BFF. Today that honor goes to Kristin Chenoweth who's out and about talking about homosexuality.

Gleeks know her as April Rhodes, the McKinley High dropout with the sultry voice. But she's also a devout Christian from middle America (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to be exact). And the way she sees it, being gay is like being short.


It's just the way God made you!

In an interview with The Advocate to promote her new country album -- inspired by her cover of a Carrie Underwood song on the show -- Chenoweth explained that growing up in the Bible Belt doesn't mean she can't support America's gay population:

I would ask, “What would Jesus do?” [Laughs] It sounds so cliché and Pollyanna-ish, but I have a feeling if he were on the earth today, he wouldn’t be walking around saying, “You’re going to hell” and “You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong.” I think he’d be accepting and loving.

No wonder she fits in so well with the Glee cast! On a show that celebrates the diversity of America, she represents a woman who's a far cry from the evangelical archetype for Christianity. Chenoweth is not ashamed of her faith, but she's not constrained by it either. It hasn't always worked out in her favor when it comes to getting gigs. She's lost jobs for her pro-gay stance before.

But it's pretty safe to say she's welcome back to Glee any times. Which marks another reason Glee is my favorite show on television -- it attracts stars who are willing to put themselves out there for their fans, and it backs them up.

Are you a Kristin Chenoweth fan? Would you like to see April Rhodes come back in Season 3?


Image via chris.ptacek/Flickr

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