Reese Witherspoon Almost Died Exercising

Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon
Actress Reese Witherspoon was hit by a car this morning while jogging in Santa Monica! Thank goodness she's okay. The car was only going 20 mph, and everything checked out just fine at the hospital and Reese was released.

I have to say this story, despite its minor outcome, sent chills down my spine when I first read the headline. Oh my god, Reese! was my first thought. Her kids! was my second thought. My third thought, however, was Why was Reese Witherspoon out running along the street? Shouldn't she be in her own personal gym or running on her private grounds? God, is the woman really that real? So real that her celebrity status doesn't keep her cooped up inside and she runs like a woman who enjoys her freedom and doesn't take it for granted. Well, good for her!


Witherspoon was running in an unmarked crosswalk when the car struck her. The driver was an 84-year-old woman who, apparently, was NOT drunk or senile but did fail to yield to Witherspoon (in this case, "the pedestrian") in the crosswalk. I'm sure it's a route Witherspoon runs all the time and enjoys running (or else she'd be in her own private gym or running on her private grounds), but this morning, one woman's exercise routine and one driver's mistake could have been devastating.

While it is Reese's prerogative to run wherever she likes, whenever she likes, we hope drivers will watch where the heck they're going from now on and that Reese, in the interest of exercising and exercising her freedom to exercise freely, makes sure to look both ways in the future -- in case the driver doesn't.

Be safe, Reese!

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