Evan Rachel Wood's Bloody Mouth Was Not Vampire Related

evan rachel woodIt's just not the kind of injury you'd expect from a hardcore naughty girl like Evan Rachel Wood. I mean, this is heartless vampire Queen Sophie from True Blood we're talking about here. The actress who followed up an authentically terrifying, hell-on-wheels debut performance in Thirteen by dating Marilyn Manson. Badass.

So I can't help but think that her recent misfortune was ... kind of a little bit too lame for the likes of her, you know? Wood was reportedly dancing at a club in Paris when a fellow patron got just a little too jiggy with it and accidentally elbowed Wood in the mouth, knocking out her tooth.

Or should I say her fang? Fermez la bouche! Looks like Wood's going to be spending any between-projects down time chez le dentiste.


Oh, the irony! The bloody, fang-related battles Wood waged as Queen Sophie were so much cooler than getting your tooth "removed" by some clumsy Frenchman's pointy elbow. And now, of course, Wood has to go through the very un-sexy process of getting a dental implant. (That's really her only option, unless she wants to spend the rest of her career playing pigtailed hillbillies.)

It's just a shame this didn't happen before Wood got killed off True Blood, because I bet the writers could have built some way interesting storylines around her loss. Think about it: What happens when a vampire loses a fang? Is it a fate worse than the True Death? Or does it grow back, like a shark's tooth? Maybe that scary old lady "doctor" or whatever she is who shows up at Fangtasia whenever a vamp gets hurt moonlights as a dentist.

Only problem is, that crazy old bat doesn't strike me as the gentle type. Ailing vamps would definitely have to hit up Lafayette for a la novocaine pre-procedure, you know what I'm sayin'?

What do you think happens when vampires lose a fang?


Image via Cristian Krause/Flickr

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