Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors Are Getting Ridiculous

kate middletonI like my Kate Middleton gossip just as much as the next gal. I find the woman endlessly fascinating. But every once in a while -- not all the time -- I've gotta draw the line on the hullabaloo I read about Her Royal Highness. And this week, I'm drawing it at Star magazine and their claim that Duchess Catherine is impregnated with twins. A boy and a girl, to be exact.

First of all -- first of all -- there's the issue of why some jank American tabloid like Star would be the first to be informed of this news. And then there's the whole "how do they already know it's a boy and a girl" thing. I mean, don't you have to be a few months along to tell the sex of the baby (unless she took that crazy blood test, which, seriously, I doubt it, dude)?

And what's even more unsettling is Star's got details on the whole thing. Where are they getting this poppycock?


According to the rag mag, a "source" (read: some random intern) told them, "William almost collapsed with joy -- and relief -- when Kate called to tell him she was pregnant." Then the article proceeds to talk about how the boy will eventually become king once William, 29 mind you, heads to his grave. I mean, what? His father isn't even king yet. Control yourselves, Star.

I swear to God, every time I'm in line at the supermarket or CVS, I spot a Star, or an Us Weekly, or a Life and Style with some famous woman on the cover -- usually Jennifer Aniston or Kate Middleton -- followed by text that goes something along the lines of: "Pregnant at Last! Jennifer Aniston thrilled to finally become a mom!" or "It's Official! William and Kate are starting their royal family!" It's kind of insane -- and it totally catches my eye, 'cause it's convincing. Just last week I actually Googled "Jennifer Aniston pregnant" after I saw one of these fine publications. Of course, a million results came up, but none appeared to be true.

These magazines need to just stick to pretty pictures of celebrities and interviews with their former assistants. If they find some juicy piece of gossip -- and they have actual evidence to back it -- great, by all means, publish away. But enough with the lying about people being pregnant. It's icky. And it sort of seems illegal.

What do you think of this nonsense? Sound off!


Image via Star

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