Camille Grammer Tries to Convince Us That She Likes Her Kids

camille grammarCamille Grammer was barely in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season premiere, so, I don't know, maybe she's a changed woman. But until I see it with my own two eyes, I'm sticking with my opinion of her last season: She's kind of crazy. She's incredibly delusional. And she's sort of a liar. And it's because of this opinion, dear friends, that I'm not buying the latest piece of "gossip" about her.

So, apparently on Monday, the RHOBH came to New York to promote their show. Taylor Armstrong was absent for obvious reasons, but so was Camille ... because it was her daughter's first day of school.

Hmm ... that doesn't sound like the Camille Grammar I know.


Of course, the information that she missed the event to be with her family came from a friend of Camille's, so do what you will with that. I'm not buying it, though. We're talking about a woman who didn't actually carry either of her children -- not because she was incapable, because she didn't want to. (She said it's because she has "Irritable Bowel Syndrome.") We're talking about a woman who employs, like, five nannies at a time. And we're talking about a woman who, if memory serves me correctly -- and I think it does -- asked one of said nannies last season: "Oh yeah, how's she doing?" when reminded about her sick daughter.

That's not someone who would miss out on a press event -- and Camille loves press -- because it was her daughter's first day of school. If it is, in fact, the real reason, then good for her, she's a changed woman. But I seriously, seriously doubt it. I think she missed the event for another reason altogether (maybe even something having to do with child custody) and made up this excuse to make herself look good.

Do you think Camille is being truthful?


Image via Bravo

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