Anderson Cooper's Kate Gosselin Diss Is a Must-Watch (VIDEO)

Confession #1: I've never watched Anderson Cooper 360. Confession #2: I've never watched Kate Plus 8. Having been utterly uninterested in these shows as separate entities, how could I possibly have known that when combined, these are two great tastes that taste hilariously great together?

I'm referring to Cooper's snarky coverage of Kate Gosselin last night during the "RidicuList" segment on his CNN show. While featuring the second-to-last episode of Kate Plus 8, Cooper went all Joel McHale on Kate's expensively-toned ass, mocking her nearly incomprehensibly horrible behavior over ... well, a pizza dinner.

I've never been much of a Kate Gosselin fan, but after seeing this clip, hooboy. Frankly, I think Cooper went easy on her.


I'm not even sure how to describe what's going on in this episode, but basically Kate is throwing a shitfit because her kids are having pizza with their babysitter and she wants them to hand over the last slice to her bodyguard Steve, who somehow "reserved a slice" the night before, which I guess is like calling shotgun except for the part where he's like 45 and they're LITTLE KIDS. Kate demands that the children eat salad instead because Steve the Bodyguard doesn't eat salad—OR macaroni and cheese! For god's sake, what does he look like, some sort of PEASANT?—and then she basically loses her mind when one of her filthy disgusting children uses her repulsive hideous hands to give the pizza to Steve.

Meanwhile, Cooper contemptuously pokes fun of the whole mess. Take a look:

Unlike many people, I didn't find that video of Cooper's on-air giggle attack particularly charming—I'm sorry, but that high-pitched laugh just makes my skin crawl—but he more than made up for it with this spectacular vivisection of Kate Gosselin. Well done, sir.

I have a suspicious nature and it's almost difficult for me to believe that Kate isn't hamming it up for the cameras, because holy crap, who acts like that? On the other hand, why on earth would anyone want to be known as the Shrieking Harpy Mom Who Clearly Has Some Sort of Disturbing Relationship With the Bodyguard, One That Possibly Involves Strap-On Accessories?

If you're wondering what happened to Gosselin's beleaguered babysitter, good news: apparently she quit after that deranged pizza meltdown. Bad news for the RidicuList: the final episode of Kate Plus 8 airs Monday, September 12.

What did you think of Anderson Cooper's coverage of Kate Plus 8? Did she deserve to be mocked, or do you feel sorry for her?


Image via Flickr/tulanesally

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