'Teen Mom' Recap: Amber & Gary Need to Stop

As the third season of Teen Mom winds to a close, it's becoming more and more clear that the moms -- and their lives -- are changing in big and small ways. But Amber and Gary almost never seem to evolve, even though she is the one most in need of change.

Maci is realizing the importance of school and becoming more involved with Kyle. Farrah is still contemplating her next move and even college. In fact, Farrah's mom offered to take Sophia (!) so that Farrah could have a normal college experience. Catelynn and Tyler are still in counseling, but seem to be as healthy and strong as they have ever been.

So, why not Amber? Why are she and Gary still so stuck in their unhealthy pattern?


Tuesday night Amber was finally arrested for the domestic abuse that happened last season when she hit Gary and tried to push him down the stairs. And while the actual abuse happened months ago, the back and forth between the on-again, off-again couple continues to endure. How can they not see how unhealthy it all is?

If they continue this back and forth, Leah will grow up so confused and angry. The fact is, they need to make a decision and stick with it. Amber continues to emotionally, if not physically, abuse Gary with this. She gives him hope and then takes it away over and over.

She clearly doesn't love or respect him. It's obvious she doesn't even want to be with him, so why string him along like she does, allowing him to send her flowers that she flaunts in front of new boyfriends. Unlike most, I don't hate Amber. I feel deeply sorry for her and I think she needs help.

She isn't a woman who is in control of anything in her life. She couldn't even get her GED. She can't control her own emotions or fists. But at a certain point, a good father needs to say, "This woman isn't healthy for either me or my daughter right now."

Amber needs help, but she isn't going to get it from Gary. The smartest thing these two could do is cut their losses and move on. Both could find happiness not tied to this endless saga, but the main person they're hurting with all of it is their child.

Do you think they should break up?


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