Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes So Don't Go Together

ryan gosling eva mendesWell, this news is disconcerting. Ryan Gosling apparently has a girlfriend. And that girlfriend is not me. But it is, however ... Eva Mendes. Bwah?

Yeah, there's photo evidence of the two flirting their way through the happiest place on earth land of the $17 soda, Disneyland, over the weekend. They were caught feeding each other, playing games while wearing silly goggles, kissing. Gross! I mean, what kind of crap is this? What on earth is Ryan doing with Eva. Sure, she's a beautiful woman, but something just seems ... off to me. Especially after I read what a "source" close to Eva had to say.

Oh, it's interesting alright ...


Evidently, Eva, like every other woman with a pulse, has had a crush on Ryan for some time now. So when she found out she was going to be shooting a movie with him, it was full-scheming ahead. Well, sort of. Here's what the source says:

It hasn't been a secret how excited Eva's been to film with him, and she's always joked with us about how gorgeous he is. She's never been shy about having the hots for him!

Scandalous, right? I'm sure she was plotting and planning months before they went into production. I mean, couldn't you envision her in her room, all sultry, saying to her mirror, "Oh, hi Ryan," "Hey, nice to meet you," "Oh, so you're Ryan Gosling"?

No? Yeah, me neither. I guess what I'm really trying to say is: I want the Gos and Rachel McAdams to get back together! They were so cute with each other. And it didn't seem like some fake Hollywood relationship just to get publicity. That shit was real.

And if that's never gonna happen, well, I still can't really see Ryan and Eva together. Sorry. I have nothing against the actress, but I don't know, something about them just doesn't go. I feel Eva needs someone a little more slick, a little less hipster. And Ryan needs the opposite. Someone who's more ... indie. Someone who's about 5'3", dirty blonde hair, who blogs for a living, loves dogs ...

Wait a minute ... weird ... are you guys thinking what I'm thinking? Alright, if you insist.

Do you like Ryan and Eva together?


Image via Splash/Dohkoedi/Flickr

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