'Kate Plus 8' Recap: Kate Gosselin's Secret Disease Ruins Family Vacation

kate gosselin bodyguard steveOkay, we all know Kate Gosselin is a control freak. And most of you probably know by now that I tend to cut Kate a lot of slack for her "quirks" simply because she is raising and supporting eight children and, well, wouldn't you be a bit of a nutcase?

Last night's episode of Kate Plus 8, which was all about the final leg of the family's disastrous cross-country RV trip, definitely showed Kate at her control-freakiest. (The big blow-out over kids eating pizza that was supposed to be for the adults only is destined to go down in reality TV history.)

But last night's episode also contained several clues to what I propose is the underlying cause of Kate's seeming inflexibility. It makes a lot of sense, particularly when you consider moments from earlier seasons and realize this dreadful condition has been lurking all along ...


Think back to the top tension-triggering moments from this RV trip. Like when the kids all wanted to touch the catfish they caught at the Fish 'N' Fry Farm (or whatever it was called). How did Kate react? All I remember is hearing the words "wash hands thoroughly" being repeated in a shrill voice over and over again.

Then there was Kate's objection to the way that last, coveted slice of pizza was served to Steve (the bodyguard). It was "disgusting," Kate argued, for Mady to just unceremoniously pass the pizza in her "dirty" hands; one of the adults should have "wrapped it in foil" first.

Are you picking up on a trend yet?

Clearly -- why didn't I see it before?? -- Kate is suffering from a full-on phobia of dirty hands!! This could fall under the heading of molysmophobia, fear of contamination or infection from dirt, or even mysophobia, fear of being contaminated by dirt and/or germs. Maybe it's a variation of chirophobia, which is just a phobia of plain old hands in general.

I can't say for certain which ailment is plaguing Kate, but I do think she's in need of professional treatment. After all, if I had eight kids and a raving neurotic fear of grimy hands, I'd probably end up in a straitjacket!

Do you think Kate has a secret phobia?


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