'True Blood' Recap: Season 5 Hints Revealed!

jason, jessica, pam true bloodI'm in complete denial that tonight's True Blood, "Soul on Fire," was the second-to-last episode of the season. What?!?! Is it just me, or is Season 4 going by ridiculously fast? Seems like only yesterday a memory-less Eric was getting drunk on the blood of Sookie's faerie godmother ... then there he was tonight, ripping out the heart of a hillbilly he-witch and sucking down its contents as if he were a thirsty 5-year-old and the heart was a juice box with a plastic straw. (The highlight of this evening's episode, by the way. Without a doubt.)

But as much as I hate to admit it, Season 4 is absolutely in wrapping-up mode -- because, apart from the super-charged vampires vs. witches showdown scene (yes, another one), Episode 47 was all about dropping big huge Season 5 hints. Some of them I expected (Jason and Jessica are going to keep hooking up? No kidding!), but others? Definitely didn't see 'em coming!


These are the plot previews that threw me for a loop:

The appearance of another random faerie. Huh? I kinda thought folks from the faerie realm would be staying away for awhile, considering how things turned out the last time worlds collided. Even weirder than having a faerie show up, however, was having her show up specifically to seduce Andy in the forest. Where could this possibly be going?? Do I even want to know?

The new rift between Eric and Pam. Yeah, Pam "disobeyed" her maker by shooting a gun through Marnie's force field (and it's a good thing, too!), but I didn't expect Sir Northman to be quite so harsh on his protege. Get out of my sight before I kill you. (Ouch!) Hell hath no fury like a vampire woman scorned, especially one scorned for the sake of "that gash in a sundress." It ain't gonna be pretty when Pam gets her revenge ...

Bill and Eric are ... friends? Not only did they agree to give their up their lives to save Sookie, they seemed genuinely chummy, or something, as they walked out of MoonGoddess Emporium together. Hmmm. This could prove a very convenient development for the indecisive Miss Stackhouse.

What Season 5 hints did you notice in "Soul on Fire"?

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