Prince Harry in Sin City Means Ladies Should Take a Gamble

Prince Harry The prince is coming! The prince is coming! Have you heard? One of the world's most eligible and dreamy princes is headed right here to the good old U.S. of A. That's right, soon Prince Harry *swoon* will be right here on our soil within of the reaches of all the American girls with princess dreams.

He's been here before, but it's been mostly for business, hosting charity events and the like. This time it's a little different.


According to the Daily Mirror, he's set to arrive the first part of October in El Centro, California where most of the time he'll be busy with helicopter training. During his 12-week stint in The States (that's more than two months!), he'll also spend time at Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona. But the most exciting part -- he's likely going to hit Las Vegas.

A source told the paper that it's tradition for participants of the special training he's attending to take a break in Sin City half way through it. If my math is correct, that means the weeks of November 7 and 14 might be a good time for single ladies who want to mingle to mosey on out to Vegas. It's a big place and all, but at least it's a hint as to where you might be able to happen upon his royal hotness. Vegas is about nothing if not a gamble, right?

The source said it's a "chance for pilots to let their hair down, kick back and enjoy ­themselves." I'm sure there are more than a few nice American girls who would be more than happy to help him unwind. 

And bonus -- he's also supposedly just broken up with French lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce (aka "Flee"), so he's likely on the prowl. That means this may be a girl's best chance at snagging a prince for a while. The odds are as good as they're going to get anyway.

Of course --  wrong as it may be -- I'm still holding out a little hope that Harry and Pippa Middleton will get together. But seeing as how that doesn't seem to be happening (yet), then it would be nice to see a real American princess in the making. You can't win if you don't roll the dice, ladies.

Would you buy a ticket to Las Vegas for a chance to perhaps meet Prince Harry?

Image via Walking With The Wounded/Flickr

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