'Glee' Star Heather Morris' Abuse Scandal Was Nothing Compared to This (PHOTO)

Heather Morris GleeGlee star Heather Morris has got herself in quite the pickle. She's a hot, young starlet on a hot TV show. That means photographers want to take pictures of her. And everything they do is getting blamed on her. First it was "glamorizing" domestic abuse -- thanks to some purple goo plastered on her eye for a photo shoot by Glee fave Tyler Shields. But now she's really gone and done it. Her latest photo shoot has gone from abuse to absurd. Check it out:


Heather Morris

Yes, in the latest Glee Class Picture shoot for Season 3, Heather Morris' character Brittany S. Pierce is telling people that My Little Ponies can talk to you! Can you believe this load of goods? Our kids will be so disappointed when they pick up their favorite toy and it doesn't tell them the secret to finding unicorns. How DARE she? I'm going to have a 6-year-old writhing around in pain on my living room floor when she learns the truth about Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack. I just know it.

Really, doesn't Heather know the power she holds here? Pictures are worth 1,000 words, and all of them have to mean something deep, dark and important. I mean, her character on TV may be an idiot who recently told ET that she played hide and seek with her car and the car won, but things are totally different when you get behind a still camera. Totally. With a capital T.

What's that? You're saying it's just a photo for a TV show? About imaginary characters? Really? And we shouldn't take it seriously because . . . it's a SET UP PHOTO?

Well, you know Tyler Shields did say that even Barbie gets bruised once in awhile. It's not about abuse. But dagnabit, I wanted to hear the My Little Pony talk! Even if all it said was "Hey kid, please don't leave me in the middle of the living room floor where Mom is going to step on me when she gets up to pee in the middle of the night."

Are you sick of these photo scandals that are much ado about nothing?


Images via YouTube; Fox

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