Snoop Dogg Is Perfect Pick for Chanel Designer

Snoop DoggLive it large ladies! Big is about to be in. Skinny jeans are being replaced with flares. And it appears Snoop Dogg is about to become a fashion icon. Yes, THE Snoop Dogg -- the rapper who prefers gigundo t-shirts, oversize hoodies -- is collaborating with Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld!


On a music video!

Oh, merci, merci for that. I don't think the eastern seaboard could handle another earthquake after the natural disaster-type hammering we had in August, and I'm pretty sure we'd feel Coco spinning in her grave all the way out in Switzerland if Lagerfeld's new capsule collection for Macy's was made from hemp.

Instead Lagerfeld has moved behind the camera to direct the video for Snoop's St. Tropez. Pictures leaked from the set don't show much an improvement in the Doggfather's style -- same old braids, same super sized white t-shirt and baggy jeans.

But the pairing is promising. As I recall, Lagerfeld is the guy who once brought strippers and an adult film star to Milan's fashion week to model one of his Fendi lines ( not surprisingly Anna Wintour wasn't amused -- wonder if she actually took off her sunglasses to raise an eyebrow?). You don't get more gangsta than that in the the world of couture!

And the creative mind of a fashion designer has been proven to do some pretty cool things on the other side of a camera. Tom Ford's feature film, A Single Man, won a heaping helping of awards and nominations, including several Golden Globe nods. Thierry Mugler stepped in as mama-to-be Beyonce's artistic director on her I Am . . . world tour, and directed George Michael's Too Funky video back in the '90s. Now imagine Lagerfeld putting his over-the-top twist on the over-sized Snoop.

Is a Snoop Dogg video the perfect pick for the Chanel creative director's next project?


Image Man Alive!/Flickr

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