'HawthoRNe' Cancellation Is a Win for Jada Pinkett Smith

jada pinkett smith marc anthony HawthoRNeJada Pinkett Smith hasn't had an easy time lately. First, she and hubby Will Smith were reportedly on the rocks, then, the reason behind their trouble was supposedly due to a budding romance with co-star Mark Anthony (ick, vom, shudder), and now, the actress has to contend with her TNT medical drama, HawthoRNe, getting cancelled. The hospital drama, which ran for three seasons, may be over, but Jada's real-life drama seems to be on FI-YAH! Which isn't really a good thing, per se. Sounds like she's sort of living a full-on lose-lose right now, right?

But it would probably be a mistake to draw that conclusion. The cancellation of HawthoRNe could very easily help her move on, up, and best of all ... away from her rumored lover!


Really, axing of HawthoRNe could have come at a better time. Now, Jada can REALLY squash rumors that her marriage is getting busted up by an affair with JLo's ex. Because there's no show on which they have to be "steamy sex scene"-sharing co-stars, there's absolutely no reason for Jada and Marc to hang out. So maybe these nasty rumors will go from out of sight to out of mind?

Plus, since she's been "fired" (I use quotes, because, let's be real, having a fancy cable show that was clearly a vehicle for your TV career yanked isn't exactly the same as getting let go from a regular Jane job), Jada might have some extra time to spend with hubs Will and their kiddos. And that could only stand to bolster her relationship and home life!

As for her career, well, I have a feeling Jada's going to be a-okay. She's been working her butt off in the entertainment biz since 1990, and she appears to be in the driver's seat of her career. I'm sure she'll persevere, and it will only be a (likely very short) matter of time before she's back to business.

Were you surprised by the cancellation of HawthoRNe? Do you think it's good news for Jada?

Image via TNT

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