Rapper T.I. Almost Out of Jail, Gets BUSted Again


Rapper T.I. must be banging his head against the cold, hard bars of his jail cell right now. Just a day ago, the 30 year old who was born with the first name "Clifford Joseph Harris Jr." (understand now why he changed it?) was almost there, he was almost a free man. Again. He was headed out of federal prison in Arkansas to a more relaxed but still supervised halfway house in Atlanta to serve out the rest of his sentence (which goes to September 29). Only problem was, the vehicle he headed out of prison on happened to more luxurious and spacious than a lot of regular people's houses. Apparently that's against the law or something.


When asked how he would be getting home, T.I. reportedly told the prison officials he'd be taking a "van." But then he goes and rides out of town on a big, rapper-style luxury tour bus, which might not have seemed like a big deal to him or anyone else, except when federal officials learned of his mode of transportation they took it as a big FU, so says the rapper's lawyer, according to Radar Online. They were so pissed off, they dragged his ass right back to prison.

T.I.'s attorney said his client in no way intentionally lied to officials, it was all a big misunderstanding that he hopes to clear up as soon as possible and get him back to his home base of Atlanta, but that's not looking so good right now.

It's not just a total disrespect for the law but total disrespect in general. It's not like he was Casey Anthony or Lindsay Lohan, who were going home for good (for the third or fourth time in LiLo's case). The rock star treatment was a little premature. He wasn't out of jail yet ... he was moving from one jail to another, while being granted the ability to arrange his own transportation to make him feel like less of a prisoner as he slowly transitioned back into free life. And he basically just blew it.

For all that T.I. is a true musical talent and a brilliant business man to have created all he has in the music and entertainment industry, the guy's really not too smart.

Do you agree T.I. should be sent back to jail for pulling that bus stunt?

Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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