Audrina Patridge Should Definitely Quit Her Day Job

audrina patridgeAudrina Patridge, one of the last of The Hills ladies to be sticking around on reality TV, has declared that her VH1 show, Audrina, won't be back for a second season. Apparently, it's not because her show totally tanked. (I mean, let;'s be real, did anyone really watch it? I never heard any water cooler talk about the show, sorry.) But she's done, because, "We finished in April and I kind of decided I wanted to take some time off from reality. I want to do something more like acting or hosting.”

Ah-ha! Of cooooooourse that's what she wants to do. That's what all the Laguna Beach/Hills alumnas seem to have aspired to do, and none of them to much success. (Heidi Montag to the LEAST success, as we ALL know too well.) But you know, maybe that was, at least in part, no fault of theirs. Maybe it had everything to do with timing! And Audrina's could be perfect.


Maybe by moving on from reality TV now ... while her name is still somewhat fresh from her run on Dancing with the Stars and Audrina isn't three season total parody of itself yet, she'll actually have a shot in hell at a career makeover! I don't know about "acting" necessarily, but who knows given the schlocky stuff Hollywood's been making lately. (Maybe she can take Lori Singer/Julianne Hough's role as Ariel in a direct-to-DVD Footloose 2!) More realistically, I could see her hosting some kind of competition show a la Brooke Burke.

Hey, the escape from reality worked for Bethenny Frankel. She got out of that Real Housewives bubble just in the nick of time, making a whole new life and career for herself off of reality TV. Perhaps if she had waited even just one more season, she would have gotten sucked down FOREVER! And we would have never tasted the sweet libation that is Skinnygirl Margarita! Can you imagine?!

Now, let's be clear. I'm not sure Audrina has the head on her shoulders to really follow in Bethenny's footsteps, but by claiming her independence from the reality TV show game now instead of later, she's at least headed in the right direction.

Do you think Audrina will be able to make it outside of reality TV?

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