Top 10 Keanu Reeves Moments in History

Keanu ReevesHappy birthday, Keanu Reeves!! I'm sort of in complete disbelief that the actor turns 47 today ... wasn't Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure just playing in theaters, like, last week? (I'm pretty sure I can still recite the dialogue from that movie word for word. "Your stepmom's cute." "Shut up, Ted." "Remember when she was a senior and we were freshman?" "Shut UP, Ted!")

And there's just no way it was 20 years ago that my friends and I lined up four weekends in a row to see Reeves as the hottest undercover surfer cop ever in Point Break. I mean that's just not freaking possible!! Is it?

Yes, sadly, Reeves is totally 47 today. Actually, considering how incredibly hot he still is, that's not really sad at all. In fact, it's worth celebrating!

So in honor of the 47 years "cool breeze over the mountains" Reeves has spent on this earth, I've put together a list of the Top 10 Keanu Moments in History ...

  1. Keanu explodes on the scene in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. Though die-hard fans can go even further back on the Keanu timeline (Permanent Record? Dangerous Liasons?), Bill & Ted's was, unarguably, the movie that introduced the world at large to Keanu Reeves. And what an intro it was ... you'll always be a Wyld Stallyn to me, Keanu!
  2. Keanu delivers two definitive performances as a stoner dude in the films Parenthood and I Love You to Death. If you haven't seen the latter (and not many people have), you are seriously, seriously missing out. (If he wasn't actually stoned when he shot those scenes, he really should've gotten an Oscar).
  3. Keanu proves he can do the action hero thing just as well as the slacker thing in Point Break opposite Patrick Swayze. Keanu on a beach. Need I say more?
  4. Keanu proves he can do the indie film thing just as well as the action hero thing and the slacker thing in My Own Private Idaho opposite the late River Phoenix. Directed by Gus Van Sant, it includes the now-legendary make-out scene between Reeves and Phoenix.
  5. Keanu proves he can't do the period film thing quite as well as the other genres in slightly awkward but still highly entertaining turns in Dracula and Much Ado About Nothing.
  6. Keanu spends the next several years alternating previously successful genres: Slacker, Action, Indie (Little Buddha, Feeling Minnesota, Johnny Mnemonic, Even Cowgirls Get the Blues).
  7. Keanu proves himself to be box office gold with the biggest hit of its kind in years, Speed (also introduces the world at large to Sandra Bullock in the process).
  8. Keanu takes a break to play rock star in real life and tours with his band Dogstar, in which he plays bass. (Yes, I did pay money to see them play live. Yes, I did stay for the entire show.)
  9. Keanu proves himself to be box office platinum with the most innovative hit of its kind in years, The Matrix.
  10. Keanu unwittingly solidifies his icon status in the photoshopped viral series "Sad Keanu."

I know, I know -- so many notable moments were left off this list. Unfortunately I have to write about other stuff today, too.

What are your favorite Keanu Reeves Moments in History?


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